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We hope to equip each provider the means of providing quality care in a safe environment. If you are interested in training opportunities and or in need of funding that pertains to Sexual Assault, please feel free to apply for either of these on the links provided above.

Our mission is to provide quality services to those who are in need of technical assistance and training to providers who serve Alaskan Native and American Indian communities in the subject matter of Sexual Assault and Abuse. Our trainers at IAFN are made up of highly skilled nurses who deeply value the health and wellbeing of those who have been sexually assaulted and abused.


They are a dedicated team who offer specific resources to help you get properly trained and are qualified to train Sexual Assault & Abuse clinical labs that include instructors, models, and equipment to perform tasks to assist in gathering evidence. We hope to equip individuals who seek our training with the education to assist in the after care of being sexually assaulted and abused as well.

These trainings offered are not limited to Nurses, but offered to health aide’s and victim advocates who can assist in your healthcare community. We take pride in providing training and technical assistance, in being proactive in educating those who seek our services, and delivering the best training to meet the needs of your tribal community.

Training Opportunities

Matsu Valley East - Photo by Sandy Erickson

Here is where you can find several options that fit your educational or training needs as a provider for Sexual Assault and Abuse! If you are interested in a career change, become an advocate, nurse, or provider it is Possible for any individual with the passion for helping people and we are here to help you get there through opportunities offered to those who serve tribal communities.
Our SAFEta program offers free education that present information on a wide variety of topics including case review, specialized care for victims, and evidence collection for a wide variety of audiences. 

Upcoming Events on our Education Opportunities Page

Offers webinar training opportunities you are welcome to register for, these webinars are relevant to tribal sexual assault respondents that can assist in keeping your knowledge current in your field of work. We also keep an archive list of webinars that you can view information and registration has been closed on all archived webinars. Educational Opportunities

Offering free content on demand (anytime).
After completing an evaluation of the webinar, you are able to receive a certificate of attendance for attending the event.
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Other Opportunities

Lake Aleknagik Alaska - Photo by Christina Love

New Advocate Training with ANDVSA (Partners)

Provides training for new and current Advocates in Alaska. Their advocacy initiative works to enhance the capacity of domestic violence and sexual assault programs to provide accessible, culturally responsive, and trauma informed services for survivors.

SANE Development & Operations Guide

Office for Victims of Care's purpose of the SANE Program Development and Operation Guide is to provide a blueprint for nurses and communities that would like to start a SANE program. Visit their site for more information. 

SART Training with the Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Members of active SAR Teams (advocates, nurses/forensic examiners, law enforcement, and prosecutors) across the state of Alaska. Eligibility includes those who may not have a full team in their community but who respond to sexual assault reports and coordinate with teams in other communities to provide a full continuum of care to victims. View site for upcoming training events, etc.

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners

Portage Valley - Photo by Lulu Demantle

Free SANE training specifically developed for nurses who are training to provide care to American Indian and Alaska Native patients. There are also lots of resources for healthcare providers to get education on health issues impacting the Alaskan Native and American Indian populations. Under SANE resources it has: Protocols and Additional Resources.


"The entire course taught me something new, or challenged my thought process, or helped me make better informed decisions as a nurse."


SANE-A Training - Anonymous


The Leap


"The support we continue to receive at IAFN is truely remarkable. I really appreciate the effective and timely responses we receive with every inquiry. Thanks for helping be the backbone to foward the process within our individual states - no doubt made a huge impact on our ability to move forward in our state."

SANE-A: Kristi Kranz, Center for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment, South Dakota


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"I like the section interviewing children and seeing it in action with multiple children. Going through the case studies and showing different injuries and how to correctly document them and label them was really helpful."

SANE-P Training - Anonymous


stop talking





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Offers training designed for registered nurses and nurse practitioners interested in practicing as a SANE, these Adult/Adolescent and Pediatric/Adolescent courses meet the IAFN Education Guidelines. 

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